01/10/2014 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: January 2014 (Newsletter)

The Consolidated Rental Car Facility is beginning to take shape. The Austin Commercial team has worked steadily to lay foundation and is now placing concrete for the second story in parts of the facility.

United Forming Inc. is detailing the concrete molds which will form the various levels of the building. The formwork company has already completed and laid the concrete molds for various sections of the second level and is pouring parts of the third level. United Forming has also completed the concrete columns which will reinforce the quick turnaround area and workers are halfway completed with columns for the ready return area. Central Texas Reinforcement is installing column reinforcement as well as deck beam and slab reinforcement. Reinforcement workers placed post tensioning tendons in the second level concrete pours.

Plans for the rental car shuttle road have been completed and will soon be presented for permitting. The reverse shuttle loop will allow the shuttle to travel in two directions. Austin Commercial plans to start construction of the reverse shuttle loop in mid to late January. The plan is to work in the outer lots and gradually move towards the more congested inner lots.

Young & Pratt has installed underground plumbing utilities under the majority of the facility and Schmidt Electric has installed most of the underground electric. Both companies will continue to install plumbing, heating and electrical as elevated formwork becomes available.

Patriot Erectors, Austin Commercial’s steel subcontractor, has released the new emergency exit stair design for the East side of the building. The new stair design is freestanding as opposed to attached. Patriot has also manufactured and delivered the embeds as necessary for each elevated deck pour. Additionally, they have continued collaborating with Demattei Wong Architecture, Austin Commercial, and McNichols to narrow down the design for the architectural screen on the West elevation as well as some stairwells.

Demattei Wong Architecture is continuing to design the walkway canopy in coordination with the Art in Public Places design. DWA has completed the redesign of the public parking canopies on ground level. Architects are working on the canopy design for the toll plaza.

Pfeffer Development and Austin CONRAC, LLC continue to work with rental car agencies and the design-build team on tenant improvement designs for the ready/return area, customer service building, and quick turnaround exclusive use areas. Pfeffer Development is also working with Austin Commercial on contract options and pricing impacts. Concept design is expected to be finalized in January.

The project team continues to work extensively with ABIA to provide a smooth experience for travelers during construction.

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