03/03/2014 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: March 2014 (Newsletter)

The ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility has seen tremendous progress. The project is now at 32% completion, with several milestones reached and more in sight.

Pfeffer Development and Austin CONRAC, LLC continue to work with rental car agencies and the design-build team on tenant improvement designs for the ready/return area, customer service building, and quick turnaround areas. All rental car companies agreed to complete design and build-out of their Tenant Improvement work with Pfeffer Development. This will provide the rental car companies with a single point of contact and minimize risk of delay in completion of the facility. Pfeffer Development will utilize Austin Commercial as the design-builder with Demattei Wong Architecture providing design services.

Austin Commercial continues to pour grade beams at the bump out areas as each area becomes available. Formwork subcontractor United Forming, Inc. is continuing the detailing of elevated concrete formwork. At ground level, approximately 75% of the columns have been formed and stripped in the Ready/Return Area.

Central Texas Reinforcement, the reinforcing installer and supplier, is installing column, deck and beam reinforcement in several areas.

APAC-Texas Inc. and Austin Commercial have placed approximately 27,000 cubic yards of concrete material for foundations, columns, slab on grade and elevated deck to date.

Young and Pratt, the plumbing and HVAC subcontractor, has completed the installation of all underground plumbing in two zones. Young and Pratt also continued to place sleeves, drains, and block-outs as elevated formwork becomes available. Schmidt Electric, the electrical subcontractor, has continued to place sleeves and block-outs as elevated formwork becomes available.

Redondo Manufacturing, the architectural pre-cast supplier, has continued to provide steel embeds which will be placed at the edge of the slab to connect precast members. Redondo also continues assisting with coordination of structural and architectural drawings to ensure precast will be installed correctly. Redondo has finished fabrication of the L-shaped precast beams that flank the pedestrian bridge and should be delivering the first beam by the end of the month. Additionally, Redondo has fabricated and stored approximately 13 percent of the precast panels for the project.

Permitting activity on the project has been in full swing. The project team continued permitting coordination with the City of Austin, and all permits for the Reverse Shuttle Building and demolition have been acquired.

Demattei Wong Architecture, Austin Commercial and PGAL continue to coordinate updates to the design and pricing of the walkway, as well as the toll plaza.

Jaster Quintanilla, the structural engineer for the project, has continued the review of reinforcement and formwork submittals. Jaster Quintanilla also has made multiple appearances on site to review slab reinforcement prior to scheduled concrete pours to ensure quality in all things structural related to the new building.

Austin Commercial has released the IT contract to Cable Com Inc. Submittals and installation coordination will begin in the upcoming months.

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