04/15/2014 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: April 2014 (Newsletter)

Steady construction has led to substantial progress on the ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility. The project is on schedule and within budget.

Pfeffer Development is managing the design and build-out of the tenant improvement work for all of the rental car companies. In this role we provide the rental car companies with a single point of contact and minimize risk of delay in completion of the facility.

Pfeffer Development is utilizing Austin Commercial as the design-builder with Demattei Wong Architecture providing design services. We continue to work with rental car agencies and the design-build team on tenant improvement designs for the ready/return area, customer service building, and quick turnaround areas. Pfeffer Development expects permit drawings and final pricing in July.

Austin Commercial and formwork subcontractor United Forming, Inc. have made great progress to both elevated and on grade concrete work. Structure reinforcement has continued as the reinforcing installer/supplier Central Texas Reinforcement (CTR) has installed over 2,470 tons of reinforcing steel to date.

The majority of all underground piping has been completed as well as finishing touches to the oil-water separator system by Young and Pratt, the plumbing and HVAC subcontractor. All hollow core panels and pedestrian bridge beams have been installed by steel subcontractor Patriot Erectors, Inc.

On the design side, minor architectural and permit changes are being addressed. The quick turn around systems are slowly taking shape as areas become available for equipment installation.

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