06/10/2014 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: June 2014 (Newsletter)

The project team at the ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility made excellent headway this month. The project remains within budget and on track to be delivered the fall of 2015.

Pfeffer Development is managing the overall facility design and build-out on behalf of each of the rental car companies, with Austin Commercial as the design builder and Demattei Wong Architecture is providing design services. We provide the rental car companies with a single point of contact and minimize risk of delay in completion of the facility, as well as their tenant improvements in the ready/return area, customer service building, and quick turnaround areas (QTAs).

Design and permitting for the facility continued to make smooth progress. The full permit for the entry and exit ramps has been received from the City of Austin. All work pertaining to the construction of the entry and exit bridges can continue after the pier foundations are complete.

Unified Services of Texas, project subcontractor, has submitted for a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the City of Austin to begin the installation of the underground fuel holding tanks as well as the piping to and from the tanks. Enhancements to the pedestrian walkway and bridge are being priced for consideration for enhancing the customer experience.

Prior to finalizing the design of the exit plaza canopy Austin Commercial is coordinating with the Airport on the final details of the digital signage requirements.

Several construction milestones were reached as well. The installation of precast for the southwest side of the ready/return area was completed with Derr and Isbell Construction, the project’s architectural precast erector, installing the last of precast spandrels on level 5 of that section. Project subcontractor, Chasco Constructors has begun demolition and below grade preparations for the exterior roadways at the northern exit as well at the eastern entrance. Additionally,

Patriot Construction is scheduled to complete the installation of the added cross-bracing members at the customer service building’s flyover canopy, as well as the majority of the metal deck and west core roof by the end of the month.

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