08/18/2014 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: August 2014 (Newsletter)

The project team at the ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility achieved several design and construction milestones this month. The project remains within budget and on track to be delivered the fall of 2015.

Design and permitting continue to make significant headway. Austin Commercial received the final building permit approval for the QTA, ready/return, and the pedestrian bridge. The majority of tenant improvement construction drawings were received at the end of July, with the final submission expected by the end of August. Austin Commercial is working on preliminary pricing of the TI design drawings, with the goal of presenting to the RACs at the end of this month. Final design changes (if any) and final price proposals will be completed in September.

Project telecommunications subcontractor, Brycomm, is reviewing the Airport proposal to route 24 of the 72 planned fiber strands from the terminal instead of the IT building, as well as an option to utilize 12 strands that run from the temporary parking management building (PMB) and extend them to the new PMB on ground level on the south end of the QTA.

The project’s construction subcontractors continue to forge ahead as well. To date, over 49,610 cubic yards of concrete material, 4,050 tons of reinforcing steel and over 400 tons of post tensioning tendons have been installed on-site.

In particular, significant formwork, steel and precast installation, and masonry progress was made in July. United Forming remains on schedule to complete all formwork for level 3 in the area northwest of the ready/return and 50% of formwork southeast of the ready/return at Level 4 by the end of August. Derr and Isbell Construction, architectural precast erector, has finished installation of precast in the QTA as well as the bump out on the north side of the QTA. Meanwhile Patriot Erectors installed the curtain wall support steel for both the west core and the CSB and Brazos Masonry is scheduled to complete the eastern façade of the west core in preparation for the upcoming delivery and installation of the escalators in this area.

The essential QTA systems are taking shape as well. Fueling subcontractor, Unified Services of Texas (UST), has continued installing fuel piping as well as transition sumps. UST poured the pads for the pumps that will push the fuel to the various dispensers and all fuel tanks are scheduled to be set next month. Belanger, the project car wash equipment vendor and installer, is scheduled to deliver two-thirds of the car wash equipment this month, with the remaining equipment scheduled to arrive by mid September.

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