11/13/2014 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: November 2014 (Newsletter)

With only about a year to go until opening day, the ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility continues to make steady design and construction headway. The project remains within budget and on track to be delivered fall of 2015.

Remarkable achievements in the facility’s construction can be seen throughout the site. To date, over 4,980 tons of reinforcing steel have been installed, 546 tons of post tensioning tendons placed, and approximately 65,800 cubic yards of concrete material poured. Tenant Improvement pricing packages for each of the rental car companies have been finalized and will be submitted to Pfeffer Development in November. Pfeffer Development, Austin Commercial, and the rental car companies are finishing contract documents for the TI work.

Formwork and pre-cast subcontractors made significant progress in October, particularly in the area southeast of the Ready/Return and south half of the shuttler ramp. United Forming, Inc., project formwork subcontractor, has completed the detailing of elevated concrete formwork and formwork at the South Shuttler Ramp at Level 5. The area southeast of the Ready/Return and has been topped out and United has begun to remove formwork shoring and re-shoring at all levels in the area. Architectural precast erector, Derr and Isbell Construction, has completed the majority of the precast erection on the southeastern portion of the Ready/Return façade and is on track to complete the southeast façade and cladding Stair 5 in November.

Facility stairwells, escalators, and elevators are taking shape as well. Stair 5 is scheduled to be complete with installation and Stair 1 is scheduled to arrive on site at the end of November. Installation of the miscellaneous elevator support steel is complete. Schindler, project elevator and escalator installer, has set all 8 escalators in the East and West Cores. Schindler has also set the machines for elevators 1, 2, and 5. Elevator builds will continue through early spring.

Roof installation and waterproofing of both the Quick Turn-around Area (QTA) and Customer Service Building (CSB) have become a priority this fall. The project waterproofing subcontractor, Chamberlin, has completed the air/water barrier on the CSB Plaza, while roofing subcontractor, Texas Roofing, has installed the interior roof above the main electrical room and started on the roofing above the QTA Administrative area on Level 1. The interior roofs will continue to be installed in an effort to dry in spaces so the gypsum board installer can start closing walls.

Other notable progress in the CSB included the initial preparations for the installation and anchoring of art and art related lighting, as well as the final weld-out and fastening procedures scheduled to take place in early November for the CSB canopy.

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