02/19/2015 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: February 2015 (Newsletter)

Maintaining the pace set in January, construction at the ABIA consolidated rental car facility project site is moving right along. With an opening slated for fall 2015, the facility is well on its way to becoming a LEED Silver certified facility.

United Forming, Inc., the formwork subcontractor, completed the detailing of the elevated concrete formwork. The west shuttle ramp will be completed by the end of the month. This will release construction crews to install the final connection of the building at the North end which will allow vehicles to move from ground level to the roof.

Central Texas Reinforcement (CTR), the reinforcing installer/supplier, is continuing installation of column, deck and beam reinforcement in the Northeast corner of the Ready/Return area, as well as the West shuttle ramp areas.

Young and Pratt, the plumbing and HVAC subcontractor, continued to make progress in all HVAC related areas. Progress has been made throughout the building in regards to ductwork, drains for the waterproofing pans over occupied spaces, and restroom fixture installation.

Patriot Erectors, the steel subcontractor, continued to manufacture and deliver embeds as necessary for each elevated deck pour. Patriot has also continued coordination with Austin Commercial and Demattei Wong Architecture (DWA) concerning the pedestrian walkway structural steel. Erection of the high canopy at the pedestrian walkway has been completed this month and the final weld-out and connections will continue through the beginning of the month.

Chasco Constructors, the site work subcontractor, continues to maintain all SWPPP measures throughout the project. The concrete section and asphalt paving for the flyover exit ramp is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month. Additionally, the excavation, forming, and pouring of the toll plaza concrete islands should be mostly complete by the end of the month, minus the northern two lanes. They are scheduled to complete two out of three mobilizations for the islands and will finish the final mobilization next month.

The fueling subcontractor, Unified Services of Texas (UST), continued the installation of the fuel-related electrical components. All dispensers have been set and the fuel holding tank has been installed.

The project is on schedule for substantial completion by May 15 with turnover of public parking, the parking management building and the new South toll plaza to ABIA. We are also on schedule with all rental car company tenant improvement (TI) work and expect to have contracts with each rental car company finalized this month for full TI scope.

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