03/16/2015 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: March 2015 (Newsletter)

Steady construction coupled with minimal weather delays has resulted in progression of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility. Pfeffer Development has the project on track and within budget to be delivered by the delivery date of Sept. 1 for all tenant work for the rental car companies. The base building substantial completion is on schedule for May 15.

Construction crews are finishing the north end of the shuttle ramp which will allow vehicles to move from ground level to the roof level. Simultaneously, the crews are working on the entry ramp on the west side of the building which will be the main entrance for cars returning to the facility.

Central Texas Reinforcement (CTR), the reinforcing installer and supplier, is installing column, deck and beam reinforcement at the north and east shuttle ramp areas. CTR has installed more than 5,874 tons of reinforcing steel to date on this project.

Concrete supplier, APAC-Texas Inc., along with Austin Commercial has placed approximately 75,917 cubic yards of concrete material for foundations, columns, slab on grade and elevated decks to date.

Young and Pratt, the plumbing and HVAC subcontractor, is installing AC mini splits in all of the outlying rooms as they become available, such as electrical and communication rooms. As wall tile is completed throughout the west core, plumbing crews are also installing plumbing fixtures such as lavatories and sinks.

Regarding fire protection for the project, Northstar Fire Protection of Texas, Inc. has installed standpipe systems in all available stairwells and areas northwest and northeast of the ready return. Alpha Insulation, the fireproofing and insulation subcontractor, continues with fire caulk and fireproofing as areas become available. They have also applied spray fireproofing to the west core roof this month.

Chasco Constructors, the site work subcontractor, has installed the entire concrete barrier along the flyover area, as well as the associated light poles. The north two toll booth islands of the toll plaza are scheduled to be completed by the end of the month, leaving the concrete paving around the islands for the beginning of next month. Chasco has also completed the parking lot for the parking management building and continues to work on the flatwork throughout the area.

The fueling subcontractor, Unified Services of Texas, has continued installation of the fuel-related electrical components. The fuel electrician is setting all of the panels and monitoring systems in the related electrical rooms. Once permanent power is established to the building, these installations will be tested prior to the commissioning effort of the fueling engineer.

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