04/28/2015 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: April 2015 (Newsletter)

With substantial completion of the main building on the horizon, construction at the Austin-Bergstom International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility is steady. Pfeffer Development has the project on track and within budget to be completed by the delivery date of September 1 for all tenant work for the rental car companies.

Central Texas Reinforcement (CTR), the reinforcing installer/supplier, is installing miscellaneous column reinforcing and barrier cables throughout the project. To date, CTR has installed over 5,979 tons of reinforcing steel. CTR has also placed over 644 tons of post tensioning tendons.

APAC-Texas Inc., the concrete supplier, along with Austin Commercial has placed approximately 77,488 CYDS of concrete material for foundations, columns, slab on grade and elevated deck to date.

Young and Pratt, the plumbing and HVAC subcontractor, has installed all of the base building AC units that serve outlying rooms as well as sinks and toilets in all of the restrooms. Ductwork and plumbing rough-in is currently being installed throughout the tenant space. Young and Pratt is gearing up to begin startup as soon as permanent power is available to the various systems. Also, once permanent water is established to the site, a chlorination of all of the piping will be done prior to building turnover.

Schmidt Electric, the electrical subcontractor, has coordinated with Austin Energy this past month to have permanent power brought to the transformer. Once the meter is set, permanent power can be turned on in phases throughout the site and temporary power will be turned off.

Patriot Erectors, the steel subcontractor, has fabricated and erected the bent beams at the pedestrian walkway from which the artwork and overhead steel will be hung. Patriot Erectors has also erected the steel framing for the wire mesh at the stair towers. Installation of the vertical support cables and support steel for the wire mesh at the west façade is also complete.

Texas Roofing, the roofing subcontractor, has completed the roofing installation on the Customer Service Building (CSB) as well as the high roof canopy. Crews are now working on the low canopies and will begin the toll plaza roof soon. Once those are completed, they will be moving to install the pedestrian walkway canopies.

Avery’s Lawn Care, the landscape and irrigation subcontractor, has completed a majority of the irrigation throughout the job site and continues to make progress in areas as they become available. Avery's Lawn Care has also made significant progress with restoring the landscape spine on the west side of the building. A significant amount of topsoil has been spread throughout the available areas as well by Avery's Lawn Care.

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