06/03/2015 - ABIA Consolidated Rental Car Facility Project Update: May | June 2015 (Newsletter)


All crews are making a hard push to complete their scopes of work in preparation for punch lists. Permanent power was made available from Austin Energy on the last week of April and early May, which was a very important step in getting all the various systems started up and tested.

Since power was established, crews have been hard at work getting the power distributed through the building safely and swiftly. The month of May consisted of finishing the base contract scope of work and ramping up all Tenant Improvement (TI) activities.

Young and Pratt, the plumbing and HVAC subcontractor, has been starting up their various systems in anticipation of functional tests where the manufacturer’s representatives for the equipment will come out and ensure all systems are functioning as intended.

Schmidt Electric, the project electrician, has been starting up all electrical panels throughout the project this past month. As panels become live, any trouble shooting is being done to ensure all systems are working properly. Schmidt’s fire alarm contractor has also started the testing of fire alarm systems.

Patriot Erectors, the steel subcontractor, has installed the screens around the project site including the west side and the open stairwells.

Marek Brothers, the drywall subcontractor, has completed the installation of all ceiling soffits throughout the project. Marek is now concentrating on soffit framing for the pedestrian walkway canopy. The pedestrian walkway canopy will cover customers from the terminal to the Consolidated Rental Car Facility.

Avery’s Lawn Care, the landscape and irrigation subcontractor has also made further progress with restoring the landscape spine on the west side of the building.

Holt Engineering is maintaining an onsite presence providing testing for work being performed. Holt has also performed observations in accordance with the city requirements for special inspections such as steel erection installation, fireproofing and toll booth installation.

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