06/02/2015 - Rilke Schule German School of Arts and Sciences Project Update: May | June 2015 (Newsletter)


Final permit drawings have been submitted to the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA). We received review comments on the submitted Traffic Impact Analysis from both MOA and DOT. Resubmittal was completed and submitted to MOA and DOT. The design team continues to review material submittals from Criterion General.


We have received our full building permit for the project.


The water line was completed in the street. The MOA asked us to hold off on paving for a brief time to allow any soils settlement to occur prior to repaving. The building foundation and floor slab was completed in the last month, including all underslab plumbing and electrical.

All the steel has arrived on site and erection is making great progress. Interior framing will begin as quickly as possible, as the steel erection is completed.


On-site meetings continue bi-weekly. We are assisting Rilke Schule on an event for the school community that is scheduled for Thursday, June 11 on site. Cost proposals for enhancements have been reviewed by Rilke Schule. We received direction on selected enhancements to pursue and will wrap up final pricing shortly.

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